Ancient Wisdom of the Future: Bio-char, Rewilding, & Terra Preta

I recently had the pleasure of a wise elder teaching me how to build a whirly girl cook stove, make bio-char, and incorporate that into a closed loop, full circle, sustainable and regenerative system for living freely and in harmony with Nature.
After learning and beginning to utilize the terra preta system in my van-life, I went for a visit to see Finn Po’s personal home and hearth sustainable set up.

Watch the videos below to join our adventure, as we cook a wild foraged plant based meal, discussing how to use simple recycled materials and earthen fuel to cook, while stacking functions and simultaneously making the materials needed for a sanitization composting system, which eventually generates nutrient dense soil for growing food, and more ways to liberate ourselves from an oppressive old system, into a new paradigm of freedom.

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