Welcome to Omens of Alchemy.
“Omen”, as with the word “ominous” is connected with the Latin word audire, meaning “to hear, and Old Latin “osmen” derived from ōs meaning “mouth”. Omens appear as symbols, synchronicity, and natural phenomenon, internally through our dreams, thoughts, and feelings, and externally through signs and events around us as messages for us to hear or percieve from the mouth of God, from the mysterious subconscious, and the divine universe which we are all a part of. As the hermetic principle of correspondences says, As above, so below, As below, so above; As within, so without, As without, so within. Throughout history omens have been feared and judged “good” or “bad”, though it is not nature who is mute, it is man who is deafened by fear. Omens are not meant to be seen as a dreadful fate, rather omens are our teachers, interpreted for the sake of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of the laws of nature, to give us insight in how we can align ourselves with our Truth, and consciously create our future and grow into the best versions of ourselves. We can choose to cultivate alignment with Truth, Love, and Freedom through observation, study of mysticism, the occult, and esoteric knowledge to aid us in knowing ourselves. With lenses and perspectives to view ourselves, we can gain gnosis, knowledge of spiritual mysteries, self knowledge which leads to self mastery. There are many lenses which can allow us to gain gnosis such as Palmistry, Tarot, Astrology, psychedelics, journaling, self observation, meditation, philosophy, and more. When we cultivate an inner awareness, we begin to see our freedom expressing externally. Through awareness of external cultivation, we can effect our inner state, practicing self care, authenticity, and awareness of the process and journey of life. As we grow an awareness of nature, we can practice harmony through pemaculture, rewilding, and ways of conducting ourselves which includes a holistic awareness of the cause and effect, and our power to create a current which is regenerative, sustainable, and abundant. On my page I offer tools which can help us gain introspection with ourselves for the sake of inner-personal development, and as a result a sustainable and regenerative development externally.
Trade is my word for what I cultivate to flow out of me upon the world as my exchange. Everything is moving, and we are part of the flow of life, giving and receiving is part of that. I offer services to aid in knowing thyself and cultivating gnosis with tools such as Palmistry and Tarot, and wildcraft ritual items, charms, herbs for ceremony, etc.

My intention is to bring more good than harm into the world while contributing to healing the earth and all its life forms through raising consciousness and awareness about ourselves, how we interact with the world, and our impact on ourselves and each other.

With my actions, I am here to practice, learn, and teach a new way of living, in harmony with nature, nonviolently, voluntarily, and with sovereignty and respect for all.