Palmistry and Tarot are powerful tools that can help us look deep within ourselves

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Hand Reading

Individual reading:

Learn about your strengths, talents, weaknesses, personality traits, health, how you feel about yourself, and what major events in life are currently or have impacted you which could still be having an effect via emotional blockages or unwanted conditioning, to help you free yourself and develop into a well rounded person as you approach opportunity and challenge.

Partnership reading:

A reading for both you and your partners, great for significant others, close friends, business partners, family, etc that you regularly interact with and impact each others lives. This open reading allows for a look at areas in which the relationship supports each other, involving a great deal of Trust and vulnerability exposing areas in which conflict creates challenge, and areas which can be improved or focused on to aid in each other’s and one’s own personal growth.

Child hand reading:

Most lines on a child’s hand will change rapidly as they grow, but certain symbols in the hand are consistent throughout life, such as fingerprints. Learn about your child’s nature, to help bring awareness to the ways in which you can nurture them to best aid their growth and development, and to gain insight into the ways their environment is currently impacting them.
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Tarot Consulting

Tarot is an ancient system of archetypes used as a tool to look within and access our higher self and channel guidance. Consulting the Tarot can give you insight into your current situation, past, and future obstacles, and how you can effect your future.

“The most powerful sources of information come from within; the Tarot aids in coming in contact with one’s Higher Self.”

-Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

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Workshops, Classes, Group Activities

Workshops, classes, and group activities involving hand reading, planetary archytypes, elements, tarot, & self observation practices:

Intro to Hand Reading:
An introduction to hand reading in an interactive workshop covering a brief overview of the history of the Art and Science of Hand reading, its connections with the occult, symbolism, and planetary archetypes, as well as the elements, and some unique ways to know more about ourselves and others through the hands.

Elemental Invocations:
Interactive workshop to connect with the 4 foundation elements of manifestation on this plane. For those both new and old to elemental magick, this can be a great opportunity to introduce yourself to the elements, or to reconnect with and know the elements more deeply. We discuss and experience the elements through observation, invocation, chanting, meditation, and the journey to know thyself.

Sacred Song Circle:
1 hour of singing and chanting together with open hearts, Truth, and Love, we utter words with earth loving magickal melodies and powerful intention to bring healing, growth, and good vibrations within and without us for the good of all.

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Other Services

 Ritual and Ceremony Facilitation
Facilitating and co-creating ritual and ceremony for your special event, class, or party.

Home energetic purification and protection
Need help with spiritually and energetically cleansing, blessing, purifying and raising the vibration of your space? Contact me.

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Services are offered on a sliding scale donation basis, barter, trade, and crypto currency accepted! Exchange will vary based on services requested, location, time, and each of our needs.